Demigosh​ is a young vocal artist, who’s afro-futurist sound merges pulsating synths with RnB vocals.


Demigosh’s music is characterised by use of his native Yoruba language, identity and beliefs embodying a call to people of African origins to re approach their cultural heritage and its pre-christian origins.

Having performed exclusively within a music context, with D​ EMIVERSE​ he wanted to expand his live stage-show into a gallery setting, by creating a seamless music performance within an installation setting and giving greater focus to the dance elements of his practice.

The cyberpunk-esque installation, had at its centre a pyramid-like shadow box in which parts of the performance took place. Moving out of the pyramid Demigosh enacted a ritual of thanksgiving to deities of Sun, Moon, Earth and Sea, while channeling the spirit of divine king Oduduwa (circa 500 BCE). The ritual was centred on an altar on which traditional offerings surrounded a video monitor representing each of the deities.

Demigosh transported his audience to DEMIVERSE: a holistic space in an imagined future, where the spirit and narrative of his ancestors live after the erasure and burying of their history. Demiverse harbours their spirit, celebrates their past and shares their glory.

Demigosh is continuously developing DEMIVERSE and many variations of these will be seen performed in different spaces and ad a part of programmes or exhibitions with correlating theme or concept.

DEMIVERSE @ Kunstraum